Entry: March 9th, 2007

The Latest in Sci Fan Fan Films

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Brain and Brain!

(Picture is from Star Trek Inspirational Posters. Enjoy!)

Hey, not all fan films can be professional work. Some are notably cringeworthy; many are just plain awful. But occasionally — and more often than occasionally as home computer equipment improves — these things provide some great stories despite acting and filming issues or go way beyond amateur hour and hit professional standards. In fact, there are many professionals often working behind the scenes on these fan films, for the sake of the love of the project or to hone their skills. I like to highlight some of the better ones I come across as I subject myself to Fan Film World, and I report on them in our Complete Randomness forum thread. I try to give a couple of the reasons I find them notable even if they are imperfect, too. So, what’s new?

Starship Farragut
This Star Trek fan series production premiered at the Farpoint Convention in Baltimore, MD in February 2007. The first episode is very promising with relatively decent acting and direction, good sets and some excellent CGI and effect work. That goes for some adventurous sound design work as well during some scenes outside a Klingon base (I won’t say more in order to avoid spoilers). Notable in this is the feel of camaraderie among the principal characters. The interaction is much better than in many other premiere episodes, including the professional ones! It took nearly a whole season for Star Trek: The Next Generation characters to feel like they came together to me; the crew of the Farragut are already more than halfway there!

Into the Black
This Firefly fan effort looks very promising. They have a trailer online along with some great audio bits and behind the scenes pics. The theme song is online and is a wonderful piece beginning with sci fi electronica leading into acoustic folk and rock that keeps the Firefly theme style. The production will be following the adventures of a crew similar to the one seen in the show, but not the same characters. There is an interesting segment from Canada’s Global National News which talks to some of the people involved and gives good info on what it takes to do something like this.

I’d also like to note that my favorite series over at Channel102 continues to top the ratings charts there. Defenders of Stan is up to five hilarious episodes now. In the last two, Stan and his brother, Captain Ultra end up before the superhero court in a hilarious send-up of the court scene from Superman II and then head to family counseling where a Catwoman-like therapist can’t seem to keep her sex-kitten self in check.

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